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  • FOOT | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    foot definition: 1 the part of the body at the bottom of the leg on which a person or animal stands: 2 to stand up after you have been sitting: 3 walking: Learn more
  • MONITOR | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    monitor definition: 1 a person who has the job of watching or noticing particular things: 2 a machine that regularly tests something: 3 a computer screen or a device with a screen on which words or pictures can be shown: Learn more
  • Call out - definition of call out by The Free Dictionary
    Our Living Language African American Vernacular English uses call oneself with a present participle, as in They call themselves dancing, to express the idea that the people being talked about are not very good at what they're doing (in this case, dancing), even though they may think they are This construction has a structure and meaning similar to the Standard English use of call oneself with
  • Acuity | definition of acuity by Medical dictionary
    acuity [ah-ku´ĭ-te] 1 Acuteness (see acute [def 2]); the level of severity of an illness This is one of the parameters considered in patient classification systems that are designed to serve as guidelines for allocation of nursing staff, to justify staffing decisions, and to aid in long-range projection of staffing and budget 2 clearness of the
  • Hide - definition of hide by The Free Dictionary
    Synonyms: hide 1, conceal, secrete 2, cache, cloak These verbs mean to keep from the sight or knowledge of others Hide and conceal are the most general and are often used interchangeably: I used a throw rug to hide (or conceal) the stain on the carpet I smiled to hide (or conceal) my hurt feelings Secrete and cache involve concealment in a place unknown to others; cache often implies
  • Alcohol legal definition of alcohol - Legal Dictionary
    Alcohol The active principle of intoxicating drinks, produced by the fermentation of sugars A Congressman was once asked by a constituent to explain his attitude toward whiskey
  • Sexual harassment legal definition of . . . - Legal Dictionary
    Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature that tends to create a hostile or offensive work
  • . net - c# dictionary one key many values - Stack Overflow
    I want to create a data store to allow me to store some data The first idea was to create a dictionary where you have 1 key with many values, so a bit like a one to many relationship I think the
  • CAO - What does CAO stand for? The Free Dictionary
    Tionko said the CAO excludes for immediate release importations, even if within the de minimis threshold, that are: declared as without commercial value or of no commercial value of with specific amount but qualified by the phrase for customs purposes or other analogous phrases; tobacco and liquor products carried by passengers in excess of the allowable limits; goods subject to requirements
  • Dyslexia - Wikipedia
    The orthographic complexity of a language directly impacts how difficult learning to read the language is : 266 English and French have comparatively "deep" phonemic orthographies within the Latin alphabet writing system, with complex structures employing spelling patterns on several levels: letter-sound correspondence, syllables, and morphemes : 421 Languages such as Spanish, Italian and

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