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  • Aphasia | definition of aphasia by Medical dictionary
    Aphasia Definition Aphasia is condition characterized by either partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or using written words A person with aphasia may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, recognizing the names of objects, or understanding what other people have said Aphasia is caused by a brain injury, as may occur during
  • Set - definition of set by The Free Dictionary
    usage: The verbs set and sit are similar in form and meaning but different in grammatical use set is chiefly transitive and takes an object: Set the dish on the shelf Its past tense and past participle are also set: The judge has set the date for the trial set also has some standard intransitive uses, as “to pass below the horizon” and “to become firm, solid, etc ”
  • 5. Categorizing and Tagging Words
    5 Categorizing and Tagging Words Back in elementary school you learnt the difference between nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs These "word classes" are not just the idle invention of grammarians, but are useful categories for many language processing tasks
  • AVL tree - Wikipedia
    Definition Balance factor In a binary tree the balance factor of a node N is defined to be the height difference BalanceFactor(N) := Height(RightSubtree(N)) – Height(LeftSubtree(N))of its two child subtrees A binary tree is defined to be an AVL tree if the invariant BalanceFactor(N) ∈ {–1,0,+1}holds for every node N in the tree
  • SKOS Simple Knowledge Organization System Reference
    1 4 Consistency and Integrity Under the RDF and OWL Full semantics, the formal meaning (interpretation) of an RDF graph is a truth value [RDF-SEMANTICS] [OWL-SEMANTICS], i e , an RDF graph is interpreted as either true or false In general, an RDF graph is said to be inconsistent if it cannot possibly be true In other words, an RDF graph is inconsistent if it contains a contradiction
  • Using concept structures for efficient document comparison . . .
    A method is discussed for comparing and locating similar documents in a computationally efficient manner by making use of inferred concept statistics, rather than word frequencies This novel technique uses natural language structures to create a
  • Stroustrup: C++ Glossary
    Morgan Stanley | Columbia University | Churchill College, Cambridge home | C++ | FAQ | technical FAQ | C++11 FAQ | publications | WG21 papers | TC++PL | Tour++
    Academia edu is a platform for academics to share research papers
  • CodeSkulptor Documentation
    Example: Division; The standard division operation, , returns the quotient of a and b When both a and b are integers, then so is the result, i e , the result is instead the floor of the quotient The integer division operation, , returns the floor of the quotient of a and b, i e , the integer part

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