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  • CURIOSITY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    curiosity definition: 1 an eager wish to know or learn about something: 2 something that is interesting because it is… Learn more
  • PHENOMENON | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    phenomenon definition: 1 something that exists and can be seen, felt, tasted, etc , especially something unusual or… Learn more
  • Jagged Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster
    jagged: [adjective] having a sharply uneven edge or surface
  • Mutation - definition of mutation by The Free Dictionary
    Define mutation mutation synonyms, mutation pronunciation, mutation translation, English dictionary definition of mutation n 1 The act or process of being altered or changed 2 An alteration or change, as in nature, form, or quality 3 Genetics a the best preserved geological section presented,
  • Burst Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster
    burst: [verb] to break open, apart, or into pieces usually from impact or from pressure from within
  • Posterity - definition of posterity by The Free Dictionary
    Define posterity posterity synonyms, posterity pronunciation, posterity translation, English dictionary definition of posterity n 1 Future generations: "Everything he writes is consigned to posterity" that while in the earlier geological strata there are found the fossils of monsters now almost completely extinct; the subsequent
  • Acoustics - Wikipedia
    Acoustics is a branch of physics that deals with the study of mechanical waves in gases, liquids, and solids including topics such as vibration, sound, ultrasound and infrasound A scientist who works in the field of acoustics is an acoustician while someone working in the field of acoustics technology may be called an acoustical engineer The application of acoustics is present in almost all
  • The Mason-Dixon Line: What Is It? Where is it? Why is it . . .
    The British men in the business of colonizing the North American continent were so sure they “owned whatever land they land on” (yes, that’s from Pocahontas), they established new colonies by simply drawing lines on a map Then, everyone living in the now-claimed territory, became a part of an English colony A map of the British
  • Moon - Wikipedia
    The usual English proper name for Earth's natural satellite is simply the Moon, with a capital M The noun moon is derived from Old English mōna, which (like all its Germanic cognates) stems from Proto-Germanic *mēnōn, which in turn comes from Proto-Indo-European *mēnsis "month" (from earlier *mēnōt, genitive *mēneses) which may be related to the verb "measure" (of time)
  • Ateism - Wikipedia
    Ateismul reprezintă, într-un sens larg, respingerea credinței în existența unor zeități Într-un sens mai restrâns, ateismul este poziția că nu există zeități Ateismul este opusul teismului, cea mai generală formă a credinței în existența a cel puțin unei zeități Cuvantul "ateism" provine din grecescul atheos (greacă ἄθεος), însemnând „fără zeu zeitate

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