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stink of money    

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  • HAMMER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    hammer definition: 1 a tool consisting of a piece of metal with a flat end that is fixed onto the end of a long, thin, usually wooden handle, used for hitting things 2 a heavy metal ball attached to a chain that is thrown as part of a sports event 3 the event or sport in which a hammer is… Learn more
  • STINGY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
    stingy definition: 1 unwilling to spend money; small in amount: 2 not generous, or unwilling to spend money: Learn more
  • Raise - definition of raise by The Free Dictionary
    Usage Note: A traditional usage rule holds that people raise crops and farm animals but rear children Nonetheless, people have been raising children in English since the 1700s, and the usage has been standard for many generations, at least in American English
  • Funky - definition of funky by The Free Dictionary
    Word History: When asked which words in the English language are the most difficult to define precisely, a lexicographer would surely mention funky Linguist Geneva Smitherman has tried to capture the meaning of this word in Talkin and Testifyin: The Language of Black America, where she explains that funky means "[related to] the blue notes or blue mood created in jazz, blues, and soul music
  • Full text of NEW - Internet Archive
    Search the history of over 371 billion web pages on the Internet

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