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three    : [θr'i]
Three \Three\, n.
1. The number greater by a unit than two; three units or
[1913 Webster]

2. A symbol representing three units, as 3 or iii.
[1913 Webster]

{Rule of three}. (Arith.) See under {Rule}, n.
[1913 Webster]

Three \Three\ (thr[=e]), a. [OE. [thorn]re, [thorn]reo,
[thorn]ri, AS. [thorn]r[imac], masc., [thorn]re['o], fem. and
neut.; akin to OFries. thre, OS. thria, threa, D. drie, G.
drei, OHG. dr[imac], Icel. [thorn]r[imac]r, Dan. & Sw. tre,
Goth. [thorn]reis, Lith. trys, Ir., Gael. & W. tri, Russ.
tri, L. tres, Gr. trei^s, Skr. tri. [root]301. Cf. 3d
{Drilling}, {Tern}, a., {Third}, {Thirteen}, {Thirty},
{Tierce}, {Trey}, {Tri-}, {Triad}, {Trinity}, {Tripod}.]
One more than two; two and one. "I offer thee three things."
--2 Sam. xxiv. 12.
[1913 Webster]

Three solemn aisles approach the shrine. --Keble.
[1913 Webster]

Note: Three is often joined with other words, forming
compounds signifying divided into, composed of, or
containing, three parts, portions, organs, or the like;
as, three-branched, three-capsuled, three-celled,
three-cleft, three-edged, three-foot, three-footed,
three-forked, three-grained, three-headed,
three-legged, three-mouthed, three-nooked,
three-petaled, three-pronged, three-ribbed,
three-seeded, three-stringed, three-toed, and the like.
[1913 Webster]

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